June 26, 2019

Preparing for Asymmetric Threats? Join us at DoDIIS 2019

Jill Bradshaw

Asymmetric threats do not fight fair. They usually don’t declare war or announce they are coming in any way. They usually lie dormant and are patient.  Then, when the right opportunity comes along they strike at full force with all their resources against any found weaknesses or vulnerabilities of a larger adversary.

How to Become Resilient in the Face of Asymmetric Threats

In today’s digital and distributed world, adversaries only need to find one weakness across your systems software, network traffic, supply chain, and even the humans using the systems and exploit this. This year at DoDIIS Worldwide, experts from government, industry and academia will convene to discuss how to be resilient in the face of these asymmetric threats.

Asymmetric threats occur when one adversary has a significant advantage in size and resources yet can be overpowered by a much weaker threat when they take them by surprise with all of their resources against an unknown weakness. 

In today’s environment where we are seeing a rapid expansion of cloud services, remote workers and BYOD has revolutionized how and where data is stored and accessed, dissolving the perimeter that traditional solutions were designed to protect.  Enabling today’s anywhere, anytime workforce requires a cloud and mobile strategy that keeps employees productive and is helping our government with evolving mission requirements, emerging national threats, changing workforce demographics as government IT solutions become more nimble, efficient, integrable and cost effective. But as the perimeter dissolved and the government faces continuing challenges in outdated cybersecurity systems, these enabling factors create a perfect storm for asymmetric threats to exploit our nation’s cybersecurity vulnerabilities and put government systems at risk.

Join Forcepoint at DoDIIS 2019 to learn how Forcepoint’s proactive and context-based technologies, and data-centric, integrated solutions, enable efficient and robust security in the face of asymmetric threats.

Join Forcepoint at DODIIS Worldwide: August 18-21, 2019 in Tampa, FL

Forcepoint’s leadership, product, engineering and account management teams will be at DODIIS Worldwide, this August in Tampa.

Join Eric Trexler, SVP Global Gov at Forcepoint August 20th at 12:00pm in the East Theater of the Convention Center to hear Eric Trexler, SVP Global Gov & CI Sales at Forcepoint, and learn about strategies for long-term solutions to data management that embrace a contextual-trust-based architectures.

We also invite you to visit Forcepoint in Booth 331 to learn how Forcepoint’s system that was purposely designed to enable better decision-making and more efficient security through proactive and context-based technologies and data-centric, integrated solutions.  Here’s you’ll be able to learn more about Cloud Security, Network Security, Web and Email Security, and industry leading Raise the Bar-ready Cross Domain Solutions.

  • Find out how your agency can reduce costs and complexity to allow organizations to centralize servers where data is stored – be that in a datacenter, the cloud or a hybrid of the two.
  • Speak with Forcepoint’s Assurance and Accreditation experts about your agency’s network segmentation and cross domain challenges; the NSA & NCDSMO’s Raise the Bar initiative; and what your agency needs to do now to meet looming program compliance deadlines.

Forcepoint: Transforming Security with Game-Changing Solutions

Security must transform in this new era- innovation thrives when people can collaborate in a trusted manner, leveraging data creatively and freely through technology. This intersection is also the point of greatest vulnerability for agencies and the primary source of security breaches driving cyber risk to all-time highs.   Security policies are traditionally based on broad decisions of trust – or distrust – with rules based on people, devices, systems, and infrastructure that make up the overall IT environment.  But this type of situational “trust” isn’t really trust at all - it’s a privilege-based system and it’s easy for our advisories to exploit. 

The only challenge for the attacker is now how to get in and in this new era where the perimeter has all but vanished, the attack surface to target is endless and this old approaches to security and trust simply doesn’t work. We look forward to seeing you at DODIIS Worldwide in August to discuss how we can help your agency stay ahead of asymmetric threats and secure its mission.

Jill Bradshaw

Jill Bradshaw is a Senior Product Marketing Manager with Forcepoint’s Global Government & Critical Infrastructure team. She has more than 15 years of experience in technology industry with focus on security and networks, the majority of that time focusing on solutions for global government...

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