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Meet Our Cybersecurity Experts at Industry Events Worldwide


Jun 12

Planning a data security strategy can be a complex process... but it need not be a daunting one. Senior Product Marketing Manager for Data Security Solutions, Kevin Oliveira, is joined by Director of Professional Services, Abdul Pasha, to cover the key considerations you need to know before undertaking any data security project.

Jun 13

AI is changing how both threat actors and info sec defenders are operating.

Join Chris Sherry, VP- Europe Forcepoint and Ronan Murphy, Founder & Executive Chairman Smarttech247 for a round table dinner to gain an insight into how organisations can juggle the competing technical and regulatory demands to maximise their data security.


Jun 26

Fast-track your Data Loss Prevention implementation. Senior Product Marketing Manager, Corey Kiesewetter, and Director of Professional Services, Abdul Pasha show you how using our six-stage approach, you can be up and running in as little as six-weeks!