Forcepoint’s Human-Centric Security Helps Financial Services Firm Protect Critical Customer and Business Data in Hybrid Clouds

Rachael Lyon
November 6, 2017, 8:30 am CST


AUSTIN, Texas – November 6, 2017 – Global cybersecurity leader Forcepoint today announced the company’s human-centric, real-time security technology has been deployed by Simplicity Credit Union to protect the financial services firm’s 23,000 members, prevent catastrophic data breaches, centrally manage a hybrid cloud environment and enable the secure use of cloud applications, such as Microsoft Office 365.

Financial services organizations like Simplicity require cyber security solutions that address regulatory compliance and, most importantly, protect member data, including personally identifiable information (PII). Simplicity chose Forcepoint to keep its employees, partners and members safe and prevent data breaches caused by accidental or malicious intent.

Simplicity established Forcepoint was the only security company delivering the range of capabilities that meet their needs and can efficiently manage their hybrid environment through a single management console. The company utilizes Forcepoint’s Email Security Cloud, Web Security Cloud and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) products to protect critical data at the human point - the intersection of users, data and networks – and understand normal user behavior patterns and flow of data, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Forcepoint’s human-centric approach to security has helped transform Simplicity’s security program and outlook.

“It’s more important than ever for financial institutions to protect against employee and user risk. Whether compromised maliciously or accidentally, credentials of users are the keys to the data kingdom,” said Thomas Frank, system administrator at Simplicity Credit Union. “In a highly regulated industry like financial services, we must consider strategies and technologies that are more intelligent and efficient than the traditional model, which clearly isn’t working, to protect our people and our business.”

Utilizing Forcepoint’s security expertise and integrated Web, Email and Data Security products, Simplicity has educated staff on cyber hygiene best practices and how to identify the digital signs of cyberattacks that seek to take advantage of human error and social engineering. In addition, Forcepoint’s Email Security has already proven its protection for Simplicity members’ personally identifiable information by preventing a catastrophic data breach disguised within fraudulent emails that ultimately impacted a number of local financial services organizations.  

Frank continued, “We’re preventing end-users from accidentally sending out PII, which now gets flagged, so they know to resend as an encrypted message. Forcepoint’s solutions help us protect users from inadvertent behaviors that could cause catastrophic breaches, and in the end, helps to protect member data.”

Forcepoint also consolidates management for on-premises and cloud services into a single system to help Frank and his team cut through feeds of false positives and quickly identify and drill down into incidents that require immediate remediation. The time saved allows Frank and the Simplicity IT team to focus on innovative projects and solutions for its members.

“We always knew we could build a future with Forcepoint. Forcepoint gives us more flexibility in how we manage cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365 together with our Exchange servers; as well as more flexibility in how we manage cloud services on or off our network,” said Frank.

“Financial services organizations are, and will continue to be, a prime target for cybercriminals. For customers like Simplicity, protecting the human point keeps their business safe and is strategic to their mission,” said Kris Lamb, vice president and general manager of Cloud Access and Gateway Security at Forcepoint. “We believe a human-centric approach to security is the key to stopping data breaches and preventing intellectual property theft from anywhere, and we continue to collaborate with our customers and partners to drive this paradigm in our industry.”


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