Danny Jenkins Replay - Today's Ransomware Relationship Status—It's Complicated

About This Episode

Joining us this week is Danny Jenkins, CEO and Co-founder of ThreatLocker, an Orlando-based cybersecurity firm providing zero-trust endpoint security. Danny shares insights on the challenges facing critical infrastructure, particularly water systems that continue to be targeted with today’s latest headline grabbing financial plus ideological threat of ransomware. And he poses the question, “Will we get to a point where we have to stop drinking tap water?”

He also provides perspective around the nuances of compliance (note: listen for the motorcyclist example!) versus regulation and getting on a path to proactive versus reactive security while moving to a collective mindset of ‘what can I do to improve security this week’? And you don’t want to miss ThreatLocker’s must-read report on protecting water infrastructure from cyber attacks available here.