Demystifying Security's Wizards - with Tony Sager

About This Episode

Joining the podcast this week is Tony Sager, Senior Vice President and Chief Evangelist for the Center of Internet Security. He shares insights from his 45+ years on the security risks front lines, including 34 years at the NSA. Risk was a big theme of the discussion, particularly looking at risk through a similar lens as we view other risky domains, such as the great work being done with the Cyber Safety Review Board. (And he shares color on the power of being okay with the risk of being wrong sometimes).

He also shares his perspective on moving to incentive-based cyber models (such as what’s been done in Ohio and Connecticut), and the criticality of translating technology, attacks & attackers into public policy and market incentives. And it can’t be a great cyber discussion without addressing the growing sophistication of cyber criminals and their organizations – really becoming the de facto organized crime success path today.