Groove. Ramp. Maze. New EDM Music or Just Another Day in Ransomware?

About This Episode

We go deep into the dark web and ransomware 2022 with this week’s guest Tom Hofmann, SVP, Intelligence at Flashpoint. He tracks ransomware from its beginnings in 1989 through to present-day ransomware gang shenanigans including Maze double extortion tactics that attackers have enthusiastically embraced. He also gets real on what’s happening on the dark web – and the things that you can’t unsee.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Tom also shares insights on the many available resources today to help organizations with addressing ransomware both before and after an attack -including essential ransomware tabletop exercises that teach organizations how to defend against attacks and what to do during an attack. He also shared a great blog post that is essential reading on the history of ransomware – check out the link: The History and Evolution of Ransomware Attacks