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Protect Data
in the Wild

Forcepoint Enables You To

Enforce Consistent Data Security Across Your Entire Ecosystem

Prevent Data Breaches

Discover, classify, monitor and protect data with minimal impact to the user experience.

  • Apply a single policy across all your channels.
  • Achieve unsurpassed accuracy and control.
  • Get dynamic data protection to minimize risk based on user behavior.
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Simplify Data Compliance

Adhere to regional and industry data privacy regulations globally with out-of-the-box data security policies.

  • Enforce and audit compliance with HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR and more.
  • Prevent data leakage and apply zero trust principles.
  • Comply with regulations in over 89 countries and 150 regions.
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Reduce Costs and Resources

Simplify policy configuration, enforcement and reporting with one centralized platform.

  • Consolidate your data security efforts to avoid substantial costs associated with running multiple tools.
  • Avoid having to manually sync policies across multiple security systems.
  • Get a single dashboard to investigate and remediate all incidents.
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Mitigate Risk in the Cloud

Implement seamless security with support for agentless deployment, ensuring secure access from any location.

  • Secure BYOD access.
  • Secure your data in ANY cloud application.
  • Avoid misconfigurations in cloud apps.
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Unify Policy Enforcement

Unify data security by extending Forcepoint DLP policies to the cloud, web and private web apps.

  • Streamline setup and policy replication, allowing you to focus on data usage.
  • Apply DLP policies to web, cloud and private apps in minutes.
  • Get industry-leading classifiers, fingerprinting and control across every channel.
Get Data Security Everywhere
SASE and Zero Trust:
Your Competitive Advantage

Zero Trust and Data-first SASE are true catalysts for accelerating business transformation. Forcepoint ONE customers benefit from better efficiency and higher productivity by managing policies in one place and pushing enforcement to the edge.

Unique File Fingerprints
SaaS Apps Protected
Data Security Classifiers