Juni 20, 2023

Accelerate Your Marketing with ChatGPT and Forcepoint Data Security

Kevin Oliveira

Like I mentioned before, generative AI (and ChatGPT in particular) have created a huge stir across all types of organizations and functions.  While many organizations are putting a huge pause on AI while they work to “figure it out,” many individuals have been leveraging the transformative power that comes with generative AI. 

AI is already beginning to impact departments within organizations.  One clear area is Marketing.  In a Q1 2023 survey, Forrester found that “41% of B2C marketing leaders in the US are experimenting with ChatGPT, and 19% have already used ChatGPT in their marketing efforts.” Forrester also predicts that “Generative AI technologies are poised to revolutionize how marketing delivers more speed, scale, and precision. As this happens, brands and marketing providers must safeguard their executions from the shortcomings of nascent generative AI technology and prepare their teams for an AI-powered marketing future.”

What are some of these “shortcomings?”  Accuracy in responses is one large area – ChatGPT isn’t 100% accurate – especially with marketing claims.  Trusted AI governance for many is a concern.  Often the biggest concern is potential exfiltration of sensitive information.

Marketers can be privy to confidential information from product roadmap details to acquisition plans and beyond.  Confidential information needs to stay that way.  That’s why it’s imperative for marketers to have a clear understanding of how to handle sensitive information and Intellectual Property (IP) of an organization.  With Forcepoint Data Security, we can enable marketers to take advantage of the upcoming renaissance with all the speed and creativity it promises while protecting exfiltration of an organization’s sensitive information.



Kevin Oliveira

Kevin serves as Senior Product Marketing Manager for Forcepoint’s Data Security products and solutions.  He has over 20 years experience helping enterprises with their data and security initiatives with leadership positions at Dell EMC and IBM. 

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Über Forcepoint

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