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November 29, 2021

Product Spotlights: Network Security Session Coming December 7

Vince Spina

The transformation of the workforce has already happened, but now businesses and organizations around the globe need to pivot from the short term decisions they made during the pandemic and instead design for the new normal.

A Robert Half survey found that 49% of employees prefer a hybrid work arrangement that balances remote and in-office work. The accelerated transformation of hybrid workforce means not only have attack surfaces expanded, but also, patchwork products and vendor sprawl have created gaps in visibility and security that organizations cannot afford to have. In the age of ransomware, no industry is safe. As our reliance on technology increases, it is imperative that the focus on securing and protecting that technology follow in tandem.

All of these elements have opened a Pandora's box. 

Network teams need to keep their edge secure and ensure network connectivity regardless of where it occurs, whether or not, they have onsite staff that can help. This concern has been exacerbated by slower, backhauled network technologies, like MPLS, which are both are expensive and unable to keep up with these modern network demands.

It’s time we rethink modern networks to build a flexible foundation that will pave the way to enable the agile workforces of tomorrow. 

With the right technology, it is possible to have a resilient network with automated failover protections to help ensure your business doesn’t go offline while maintaining an optimal security posture. The integrated approach of secure connectivity simplifies the overall management and maintenance of your infrastructure while helping you to protect your competitive edge

Register for our Network Security Spotlight

Our upcoming December 7 Product Spotlight focuses on Secure SD-WAN connectivity built into Next-Gen Firewall. If your team needs to keep up with the volatile world of threats, we can help. Register for our live session next week and see how you can protect your assets and secure your edge.

Vince Spina

Vince Spina is the Senior Vice President, Global Solutions Engineering at Forcepoint. In this capacity, Vince leads the technical team within the global sales organization chartered with executing the company’s “Data First, Secure...

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