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Securing Your Wherever, Whenever Workforce

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Shift Left of Insider Risk

Mitigate threats at the earliest point of detection

Insider Threat

Get ahead of insider risk

Focus your investigative resources on the riskiest users rather than single events to stop data loss before it happens.

Quickly understand risky user behavior

Leverage out of the box models to uncover common insider threat scenarios such as: data exfiltration, malicious and compromised users, and illicit behavior.

Chart with magnifying glass

Capture rich forensic data

Protect your workforce and expedite investigations of insider threats through robust video collection and playback capabilities.

Protect your workforce and critical data from insider risk
Detect insider risk with user and data context

Enable easy adoption of insider risk management with advanced behavioral analytics that correlates risk scores based on observed behavior and data interactions

Continuously monitor users that are trending towards risk in real-time

Monitor a broad set of data sources and activities, allowing for faster insight into sudden changes in behavior

Quickly and efficiently investigate potential threats

Gain granular visibility into high risk behavior with sequential activity across a timeline to truly understand intent

Safeguard your workforce from accidental or malicious behavior

Use a rich history of user actions and live video replay to understand the context needed to prove or disprove malicious intent

Dynamically adjust and automate enforcement based on user risk

Dynamically adjust policy enforcement at an individual user level to mitigate potential theft

Everything you need to identify insider threats
Our products work together seamlessly and integrate with your existing environment.
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The Why, When, and Where of Workforce Protection
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