September 29, 2021

Forcepoint Product Spotlights: Sessions to help secure your perimeter, secure your data

A recurring technical series to get you on the road to a productive and secure hybrid workforce
Vince Spina

Over the last two decades, for many of us, work revolved around a physical office space. We’d typically badge into an office and work at a cubicle until it was time to go home. Our IT and security requirements were pretty simple as well. Log off and shut down at the end of the day if we used a desktop or log off and bring a laptop with us.

At Forcepoint, our goal is to arm our customers with technology that enables a hybrid workforce to be productive while keeping company data and intellectual property (IP) secure. We want to help your organization get there no matter where you are on your digital journey.

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Every other week, our Solutions Engineers are bringing their technical know-how to secure an organizations’ edge and the data that lives within it. These 30-minute product spotlights give you a chance to speak with Forcepoint experts and see, first-hand, how you can replace 2020’s short-term cybersecurity workarounds with the more sustainable solution of a data-first SASE architecture with Zero Trust principles.

We’ll cover use cases that surround these topics:

  • Automating and personalize your data security with Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Securing SD-WAN connectivity built into Next-Gen Firewall.
  • Securing web, cloud, and private app access and uniformly protect data from endpoint to cloud with Forcepoint SWG, CASB and RBI.

We created these sessions to provide you with live, no-pressure product demos to help accelerate your organizations’ security plans as you prepare for a hybrid future.

Register today. I encourage you to bring your toughest questions for a chance to stump our experts! 

Vince Spina

Vince Spina is the Senior Vice President, Global Solutions Engineering at Forcepoint. In this capacity, Vince leads the technical team within the global sales organization chartered with executing the company’s “Data First, Secure...

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Über Forcepoint

Forcepoint ist einer der weltweit führenden Anbieter von Cyber-Sicherheit im Bereich Anwender- und Datensicherheit und hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, Organisationen zu schützen und gleichzeitig die digitale Transformation und das Wachstum voranzutreiben. Unsere Lösungen passen sich in Echtzeit an das Nutzerverhalten an und ermöglichen Mitarbeitern einen sicheren Datenzugriff bei voller Produktivität.