Januar 26, 2022

If you aren’t using a Zero Trust approach, are you really practicing security?

Corey Kiesewetter

The recent Log4J vulnerability opens up a scary question about web security approaches, if you aren’t using a Zero Trust approach then are you really practicing security? 

From a security and risk mitigation perspective you want an approach that is consistently effective, especially when a newly discovered vulnerability is being actively exploited.  However, the Log4J vulnerability renders virtually every website as potentially compromised.  This means that web security solutions that only rely on reverse DNS resolution, or IP reputation are ineffective – websites cannot be currently trusted to be safe.  Web gateways provide a better level of protection by actively scanning web content for malware, but this still relies on the effectiveness of detection and response to work and eventually a zero-day can find its way through the defenses. 

The only high assurance web security, the only web security that provides a Zero Trust approach is Remote Browser Isolation (RBI).  RBI technology treats all websites as compromised from the outset and provides a safe way to view and interact with webpages, regardless of what malware is present.  RBI does this by separating the active browser session from the user’s desktop, and streaming video of the interaction back to the user.  Any malware is simply left behind in the remote, isolation container, and that virtual container is deleted at the end of the browsing session along with any malware that was encountered.

If you are looking for certainty in the security of your users as they work online, then look no further than RBI.  If you are looking for an RBI that is seamless and provides the best user experience, then look no further than Forcepoint RBI.

To learn more, check out resources on the RBI product page

Corey Kiesewetter

Corey Kiesewetter is Forcepoint’s Product Marketing Manager for cloud security products, with a focus on SASE and Zero Trust applications.  Corey has been directly helping IT practitioners realize best practices in datacenter operations the past decade and holds a degree in...

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