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Forrester: Manage Insider Risk With Zero Trust

Best Practices For Preventing And Detecting Insider Incidents With Zero Trust Principles

According to Forrester research, 26% of data breaches are caused by malicious or accidental internal incidents. And yet, this category is often overlooked, with many security teams focused on external threats. Meanwhile, over-privileged access and passive data security tools that only monitor traffic leave critical data vulnerable to exfiltration.

In this report, Forrester reveals how Zero Trust principles can be applied to mitigate insider risk using the seven domains:

  • Know your insiders
  • Understand and control your data
  • Assess and update your access privileges
  • Control movement and application access
  • Limit access based on risk
  • Monitor data use and user activity
  • Automate processes, policies, and data classification

Read Manage Insider Risk With Zero Trust and learn how to put the right measures in place to keep your data both secure and productive.