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Dynamic Data Protection

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Dynamic Data Protection

User-centric frictionless security

Keep people productive and data secure via risk-adaptive protection

Data protection at the center of Zero Trust

A modern Zero Trust architecture drives organizations towards a more data and user-centric approach while moving away from being perimeter-centric. It is a key element for today's digital business. 

Forcepoint's Dynamic Data Protection (DDP) fits right in to your Zero Trust architecture with:

Individualized adaptive data policies

Behavioral analytics driven insights 

Data discovery and classification

Maximizing security analyst efficiency and reducing fatigue

Enhance DLP effectiveness with Behavioral Analytics

Individualized adaptive data policies

Replace broad, sweeping security with individualized, adaptive data policies that won’t slow down your employees.

Use comprehensive behavioral analytics to generate unique risk score for each user

Apply granular policies on a one-to-one basis, depending on an individual user's risk score

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Behavioral analytics driven insights 

Dynamic Data Protection builds on award-winning Enterprise DLP and leverages Forcepoint's Dynamic User Protection for cloud-hosted behavioral analytics. 

Unify discovery, analysis, and enforcement, improving investigation efficacy to surface anomalies, and proactively protect your data

Reduce manual decision making and overall alert volume

Data Discovery and Classification

Discover data across all channels (including cloud, network and endpoints) and utilize classification solutions for safe handling of critical data and IP.

Identify and secure sensitive data across your enterprise environment like file servers, SharePoint, Exchange, and detection within databases

Seamlessly integrate with classification solutions like Boldon James™, Microsoft® Azure Information Protection and Titus™

Maximize security analyst efficiency and reduce alert fatigue

Dynamic Data Protection shifts organizations from an event-centric to a risk-centric approach to data protection

Get ahead of the exfiltration event through orchestration of policy adjustments at the user level

Gain investigation efficiency and increase team capacity 

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Brendan Colford Data Protection Solution Expert
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