Organizations are rapidly becoming more distributed. Connecting stores, branches and remote offices to the latest cloud applications, corporate systems, and data stored everywhere in between is more important – and more complicated – than ever before. Enter the Enterprise SD-WAN Solution.

What is a Secure Enterprise SD-WAN solution?
Forcepoint’s network security products combine latest in software-defined wide-area networking (SD‑WAN) with the industry’s top-rated next generation firewall (NGFW) security, all managed at enterprise scale from a single policy-based console. It is used by organizations of all sizes in retail, hospitality and financial services around the globe.

Our Approach

  • Replace/augment MPLS lines with commodity broadband
  • Accelerate SaaS apps with direct-to-Cloud connectivity
  • Mix and match multi-ISP links at each site
  • Set up site-to-site VPNs quickly with drag-and-drop
  • Slash downtime with high-availability clustering
  • Protect all locations with top-rated NGFW security
  • Manage more than 1000 sites from one console
  • See what’s happening everywhere in network
  • Update policies at all sites in minutes, not hours

Replace or augment MPLS with direct to cloud connectivity

Cut the cost of connecting your distributed locations to the broad range of resources they depend upon. Instead of sending all traffic back through a central office, Forcepoint's SD-WAN solution enables remote sites, branch offices, and data centers to use low-cost, high-speed broadband internet links to get to cloud-based SaaS apps and enterprise systems – efficiently and securely.

Increase capacity and availability

Use multiple connections at each site to boost bandwidth quickly and affordably. Forcepoint SD-WAN combines the links together and intelligently routes traffic across them, automatically handling interruptions if links get broken to keep sites always running.

Accelerate application performance and optimize network utilization

Improve the performance of your critical business applications, from interactive cloud apps like Office 365 to high-bandwidth video and sensitive corporate systems. Forcepoint's SD-WAN solution clusters different connections together and provides extensive quality of service (QoS) controls that transparently maintain the most appropriate user experience for each application.

Set up comprehensive VPN connections with just a few clicks

Securely share information between locations with virtual private networks (VPNs) that can be set up in minutes. Create different topologies (e.g., hub-and-spoke, star, full mesh networks) with just a few clicks using Forcepoint’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface and the ability to associate policies to groups of site devices.

Combine different devices into highly scalable, high-availability clusters

Keep remote sites running with advanced clustering that allows multiple devices to be used together. Each active-active cluster can mix and match to 16 different models that all operate together to give you the highest performance from your network investment. Forcepoint’s management system can update policies and even upgrade software across the cluster seamlessly, without taking sites offline or dropping any packets.

Secure every location with integrated Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW)

In a world where attackers are constantly probing remote locations, direct-to-cloud connectivity requires full Internet-facing protection at each site. With Forcepoint, you get the industry’s top-rated NGFW security with our pioneering anti-evasion intrusion prevention. And, it’s tightly integrated and managed together from a single console.

Protect your people and data on the Web and in cloud apps

Most organizations move to SD-WAN solutions to make more efficient and effective use of internet content and applications. Forcepoint’s Secure Enterprise SD-WAN goes beyond traditional firewall-based security, enabling you to seamlessly use our cloud-based Web Security and CASB services to scan and monitor traffic across all your locations and enforce consistent policies throughout your organization.

Manage more than 1000 sites from a single console – with updates in minutes, not hours

Forcepoint gives global enterprises the ability to connect and protect more than 1000 locations from a single console. Powerful policy-based administration enables sophisticated business processes to be described in one place, then automatically applied everywhere they’re needed. Network changes and policy updates can be implemented throughout the network in minutes with just a few clicks, saving time and reducing risk.

See and act across your entire network

Having a consistent view everywhere – from offices and data centers out to stores and branches and up into your multiple cloud environments – is crucial for understanding what is happening in your network. Forcepoint gives you 360° visibility into every part of your network through a graphical, fully interactive dashboard that IDC found cut incident response time by as much as 70%.

We saw an opportunity to combine router and advanced firewall capabilities to strengthen security across every site and accelerate throughput. We needed a solution with centralized administration that could be easily replicated every time we added a new mobile site, easing the management burden on our IT staff.

Christopher Hazeman
Head of IT Production

Why analysts say Forcepoint NGFW
“should be on every company’s short list.”

Forcepoint NGFW’s Secure Enterprise SD-WAN capabilities are used by organizations around the world to connect and protect highly distributed stores, branches, and remote offices – securely and efficiently at global scale.


NSS Labs
SD-WAN Report 2018

Forcepoint SD-WAN connectivity and security verified in NSS Labs SD-WAN group test

The human point survey report

NSS Labs
Highest Security Ranking

Forcepoint has the highest-ranked security efficacy in NSS Labs' NGFW and NGIPS tests, blocking all evasions on both tests

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Quantifying Benefits of Forcepoint

IDC projects that customers who switch to Forcepoint NGFW realize a five-year ROI of 510%