The Telework Stress Test - Cybersecurity in the Era of a Dispersed Workforce

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Protecting Critical Infrastructure to Keep Services Up and Running

Secure your operations with battle-tested security solutions

Defense grade

Protection that’s proven in high-stakes national security missions.

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Solutions that scale to serve OT & IT needs with easy-to-use manageability.


Security down to specific bytes, across mixed-vintage asset types.

Forcepoint is ready for your critical infrastructure needs
Count on industry-specific experience

From critical manufacturing to defense, we understand what critical really means for a diverse set of industries, based on decades of real-world experience.

Safely enable IIOT today and tomorrow

Protect network boundaries, control connectivity, and securely prepare for increasing cloud and remote access connections.

Connect the unconnectable

Secure your mixed vintage specialized industrial assets with automated, byte-level content inspection and sanitization from Data Guard.

Reduce risk

Segment networks according to latest security standards, to reduce disruption to operations.

One mission: secure your critical infrastructure
Forcepoint provides a comprehensive set of solutions to secure your critical infrastructure organization, from endpoints to network to cloud

Boundary protection

Secure what ICS-CERT considers the weakest link: OT/IT network boundaries.

Secure communications

Inspect and control communications across differing networks/user types with unique cross-domain technologies.

Firewall scale & efficiency

Eliminate time-consuming firewall admin work with high scale, low maintenance firewalls.

Network segmentation

Segment and isolate operational assets to reduce risk of disruption.

IT/OT SIEM integration

Safely share and consolidate views of SIEM log data from OT networks.

Simplified OT patching

Verify and streamline security patches across multiple OT networks.