März 25, 2024

Data Security Everywhere: Consistent Web and DLP Policies Improve Data Security

Part #2 in our Data Security Everywhere blog series
Carlos Carvajal

Forcepoint’s Data Security Everywhere approach lets you establish a unified set of policies to protect data consistently across many different channels. The web is an important one.

With people working anywhere using data stored in the cloud or on the web, it’s become a critical channel to protect. The web is no longer just a means of accessing information—it’s how businesses operate.  That’s why it’s important for businesses to go beyond simply stopping web-based cyberthreats to also focus on protecting data used by employees via the web.

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The problem: Inefficiencies contribute to inconsistent DLP policies

To address the challenges posed by evolving web-based threats and securing sensitive data, many organizations resort to using disparate web security and data loss solutions. This fragmented approach often creates inefficiencies: IT teams must learn multiple tools; interoperability issues create siloed processes. As a result, these inefficiencies often contribute to inconsistent DLP policies. And these inconsistent policies across multiple platforms inevitably introduce significant risks to both data security and regulatory compliance. 


The solution: Data-first SASE

With our “Data-first” approach, we aim to simplify how organizations implement and enforce consistent DLP and web policies, providing organizations with an effective solution to this critical problem. Check out this video for more:


Forcepoint ONE, our Data-first SASE platform, delivers an integrated data security and SSE technologies solution. Forcepoint ONE provides multi-tier distributed enforcement of data and networking policies where they’re needed the most – near users’ endpoints, close to the infrastructure of the network and adjacent to applications in the cloud. One of the capabilities we provide to ensure consistent data and web security is through our Forcepoint ONE SWG solution.


With Forcepoint ONE SWG, organizations can secure data and access on the web with consistent policies. Additionally, they can go beyond safeguarding users, as Forcepoint extends web security to programs and systems. Control uploads of sensitive data to web-based storage (from physical or virtual data centers), prevent malware from being downloaded to IoT devices and guard access to unmanaged cloud apps from automated systems.


Benefits of extending data security policies to the web

  • Increase productivity by enabling secure access to any website or downloads
  • Cut costs by eliminating redundant and disjointed solutions with inefficient controls
  • Reduce risk by preventing data loss in web applications and protecting against malware
  • Streamline compliance by ensuring consistent data security across web and other channels


 Next up in our Data Security Everywhere blog series, stay tuned for protecting data in the email channel.

Carlos Carvajal

Carlos Carvajal, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Forcepoint for SD-WAN and Advanced Threat Protection solutions, brings 15 years expertise delivering enterprise solutions, including cloud security, AIOPs, and industrial printing. He has held senior positions at IBM and Canon and holds an MBA...

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