Legacy data protection solutions lack a risk-adaptive approach

The result:  inefficiency and reduced productivity


Value automated enforcement

Manual policy enforcement impacts how quickly an organization can identify and respond to high risk activity1


Want to reduce false positives

Organizations spend too much time investigating false positives, distracting attention from activity that could pose a threat to the organization2


Are concerned about cloud data security

Companies often limit what data is made available in the cloud due to concerns that their data won’t be secure, contributing to user frustration when collaborating3

Data protection shouldn’t be a barrier—to security or productivity

Legacy solutions are too rigid

Traditional data protection solutions are limited to permitting or blocking actions for enforcement, often frustrating users and obstructing their ability to do their jobs

Complete Visibility

Lack of visibility

Data is everywhere—in databases, on mobile devices, in cloud apps—making it challenging to determine where data is located, who is accessing it, and what data needs protection

Identify Risks

Victims of alert fatigue

Rigid policies can result in high volumes of alerts and alarms. Practitioners are unable to distinguish between false positives and user activity that poses a viable threat

Only Forcepoint delivers risk-adaptive data protection

Behavior-centric approach to data protection

Gain better context and understanding of user intent by focusing on user behavior and their interaction with data

  • Increase employee productivity with individualized data protection so low risk users can proceed as usual while limiting high risk user activity 
  • Minimize false positives with a graduated approach to policy enforcement based on risk level so practitioners don’t experience alert overload 
  • Enable safe collaboration on cloud applications by gaining insights to user engagement with cloud data  

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Fortify your security posture

Gain oversight and control of your hybrid environment to protect critical data everywhere users work and collaborate 

  • Quickly locate and identify critical data across the entire enterprise  
  • Extend protection everywhere data resides—network, endpoints, and cloud applications—via single console for unified policy management  
  • Confidently manage cloud environments with enhanced visibility and control of cloud access to enable straightforward cloud security 

Intelligent data security 

Leverage analytics to better understand human behavior and their engagement with data

  • Gain insight to user behavior and surface anomalies that increase risk to data
  • Leverage behavioral analytics to prioritize and streamline responses to activity that poses the greatest risk to your organization 
  • Automate response to risky behavior with dynamic one-to-one individualized policy enforcement based on user risk levels 

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